Quantity of Food Waste Diverted

ESB: El Sol Brillante
DEG: Down to Earth Garden
See also our bokashi process done at El Sol Brillante and Down to Earth Garden.


For Year 2023

As of 12/31/2023,
Total ESB + DEG = 8,265 lbs (3,749 kg) 4.13 tons

ESB: 2,320 lbs (1,052 kg) 1.16 ton
Latest filled batch #E324 — (Last batch number of 2022, #E308)
324 – 308 = 16 batches
16 x 145 lbs/batch = 2,320 lbs (1,052 kg) 1.16 ton

DEG: 5,945 lbs (2,697 kg) = 2.97 tons
Latest filled batch #D591 — (Last batch number of 2022, #D550)
591 – 550 = 41 batches
41 x 145 lbs/batch = 5,945 lbs (2,697 kg) = 2.97 tons

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Comparison with previous years (for further details, see tables and graphs below).

* For explanations on the batches for 2009, 2010, and 2011, see notes under the similar set of tables below.

DEG/CG, the Children’s Garden (CG) was renamed to Down to Earth Garden 7/1/2020.

Brief Timeline

9/22/20092010 – 3/22/202011/14/2018 – 3/20/20203/22/2020 – 5/3/20215/4/20219/22/2021
Began fermenting 1st batch of food waste (FW).

9/17/2009 Thu 6pm, 1st bokashi workshop at ESB.
Began 24-hour drop-off (without signs or notices‡)Became a Public Drop-Off Site and listed on DSNY’s website; Sanitation picks up FW via brown bins 3 times/week (about 40% of dropped off FW [60% processed in-garden]).Closed to the public; Only garden members’ FW processed.Began public drop-off again, but with very limited drop-off hours.Back on DSNY’s website, map of public drop-off sites, but no Sanitation FW pickup.

‡ People knew about the 24-hour drop-off either by taking the bokashi workshop, from word-of-mouth, or from seeing the setup (drop-off bin right inside the locked garden gate with enough of a gap to drop off a bag of food scraps).

Quantities through 12/31/2023

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Ciao batches are food waste batches from a former coffee shop/bakery/caterer, “Ciao For Now,” that was located across the street from El Sol Brillante, collected between 2009 and 2011.

Bin counts is how we determine how much food waste we’ve treated and converted to either a soil amendment (trenching/burying FFW in soil) or to compost (by vermicomposting or worm composting).

bin = 20-gallon bear bins, for fermenting food waste.
1 bin = 1 batch: approximately 145 lbs average weight when full.

The brown bins are how the food waste were picked up by DSNY/Sanitation,
between 11/14/2018 and 3/20/2020.

How much food waste (FW) kept and treated in-garden, total of FW dropped-off/collected, and amount (difference) picked up by DSNY/Sanitation.

Before 11/14/2018, all dropped off food waste were treated with bokashi (kept in-garden).

The “All dropped off food waste” column represents both bokashi-treated FW and FW picked up by DSNY/Sanitation which starts from 11/14/2018.

Bokashi-Treated Quantities Only.

These numbers only represent food waste bokashi-treated and processed (trenched or worm-composted) in-garden (i.e., excludes food waste given to/picked up by DSNY/Sanitation).

Numbers are averaged out over the entire year.

For 2020, most of the food waste were dropped-off during the first 3 months of the year before our 24-hour drop-off setup was completely closed to the public on 3/22/2020.

See our bokashi process done at El Sol Brillante and Down to Earth Garden.