EM-5 bokashi workshop online 11/21/20 Sat 1pm

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This workshop focuses on making EM-5, which is mainly used as a foliar spray for plants and trees (providing nutrients through the leaves). We also use it to spray down the entire garden as a microbial inoculant, including into our composting bins, as well as, dealing with odor problems (rat odors, dog urine on leaves, etc.)

The recipe includes the same base ingredients (blackstrap molasses and EM-1) we use to make the wheat bran bokashi sprinkle and the Activated EM (“bokashi spray”) for bokashi composting. The other ingredients are apple cider vinegar, 40% alcohol (the cheapest vodka, tequila, or whiskey), and optionally garlic cloves and hot spicy peppers (Scoville rating of 25,000 SHU or higher), such as cayenne, habañero, and ghost peppers.

For the full recipe and application rates: https://recyclefoodwaste.org/files/EM-5foliar.pdf

For further information on bokashi composting, visit recyclefoodwaste.org.