Food Waste Drop-Off Notice

For our 24-hour drop-off to resume again: 

  1. We need at least 11 volunteers (our pre-pandemic number), but now, ideally 14* or more to fully cover 7 days a week (2 volunteers per day).

* One of our main volunteers was able to do 3 or 4 days a week pre-pandemic, including covering for others; and now, only 1 day, maybe 2 days, a week. So, need more volunteers.

To volunteer, see

  1. Sanitation (DSNY) is expected to restart their organic waste pickup this fall. Pre-pandemic, DSNY picked up about 40% of our food waste, while we were able to process 60% in-garden. So, in order to make sure our 24-hour drop-off will not overwhelm us, we need both: enough volunteers and DSNY to resume their pickup. 

For further information, visit

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